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How to Make Art / How Not to Make Art

(A Compendium of Indefensible Positions)

Think big. Your work benefits from size, duration, expense. If one is good, two is better: for example, a 10-meter painting is twice as powerful as a 5-meter painting.

By reducing your materials to almost nothing, your art attains a kind of purity.

The ultimate work of art is the map that completely covers the terrain.

Any map, even the tiniest one, alters the landscape.

The personal is political. This means: sharing your personal life is a political statement.

The only subject you can explore with complete truthfulness is yourself.

By removing yourself from your work, your art attains a kind of purity.

Define your artistic identity.

Be single-minded. Make sure there is only one idea in each work. Strive for total clarity. Ambiguity makes everyone uncomfortable and is therefore not useful.

Refuse to be categorized.

Your private thoughts are unimportant to others; the more unique your thoughts, the less interesting they are to other people.

Because art is social discourse, you are obligated to define and explain the political content of your work.

By removing the world from your work, your art attains a kind of purity.

Artistic ambition is healthy.

Artistic ambition is poison.

One single touch can transform anything into art.

Great art comes only from heroic efforts.

Working well means working effortlessly.

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

By becoming impure, your art attains a kind of purity.

(Kurt Ralske, September 2002)

Copyright 1996-2005 Kurt Ralske